Puppy and Kitten Exams at Saint Francis Animal Hospital in Little River, SC

Professional veterinary care for your young furry friends, ensuring their health and happiness through thorough puppy and kitten examinations.

puppy and kitten exams

Identifying and Assessing Puppy and Kitten Exams

Welcoming a new puppy or kitten into your home is an exciting and joyous experience. At Saint Francis Animal Hospital in Little River, SC, we understand the importance of early veterinary care to ensure the health and well-being of your newest family members. Our puppy and kitten exams are designed to set a foundation for a lifetime of happiness and vitality.

Early Veterinary Care for Puppies

Scheduling your puppy’s first veterinary exam is a crucial step in providing a healthy start. Our veterinarians conduct comprehensive physical examinations to assess overall health, checking for any congenital conditions or potential concerns. Vaccination schedules and preventive care plans are discussed to keep your puppy protected from common illnesses.

Kitten Care for a Healthy Start

Initial Kitten Exam

Just like puppies, kittens benefit from early veterinary attention. Our veterinarians perform thorough examinations, evaluating their overall health and addressing any specific needs. We discuss vaccination schedules and preventive measures to keep your kitten healthy and happy.

Litter Box Training

Litter box training is an essential aspect of kitten care. Our team provides guidance on setting up the right environment and offers tips to make the litter box training process as smooth as possible.

Vaccinations and Preventive Care

Tailored Vaccination Plans

Our veterinarians develop personalized vaccination plans for puppies and kittens based on their needs and potential disease exposure. Vaccinations are crucial in preventing various illnesses and ensuring a robust immune system.

Preventive Medications

Preventive care is key to a pet’s well-being. We discuss and provide preventive medications to protect your puppy or kitten from common parasites, keeping them healthy and comfortable.

Dental Health for Young Pets

Early Dental Guidance

Good dental health starts early. Our veterinarians offer guidance on establishing dental care routines for your puppy or kitten, promoting oral hygiene, and preventing potential dental issues as they grow.